What Is Application Store Optimization? – Why Is ASO Important?

Application Store Optimization is a technique that helps content stand out, just like SEO. However, ASO is a technique that works entirely in the mobile app stores and helps mobile applications stand out. Application Store Optimization techniques, made by taking the right steps, highlight the applications in the mobile store. In this article, you can find the basic details you need to know about ASO.

What Is Application Store Optimization?

Application Store Optimization is an important step towards application stores. Thanks to this technique, it is possible for the application to appear at the top of the store. This is an important detail that helps the app get organic downloads. Considering that there are thousands of content in mobile application stores, the importance of this technique is better understood.

Thanks to ASO techniques, it can be guaranteed that the applications that are worked on will come to the fore. Also thanks to the steps taken correctly, app store users will see your app as a priority.

How Do I Get My App to the Top with ASO?

Some Application Store Optimization course examples can teach you about optimization techniques. In this article, we wanted to compile for you what you need to know about Application Store Optimization 2021. Here are the main rules that you must follow in order to highlight the applications:

  • Choosing Keywords for Application Store Optimization

    Keywords are the first detail that comes to the fore among Application Store Optimization techniques. An application without a keyword is lost in the repository of the mobile store. You can also use some programs to find the most suitable keywords for the application. Programs like the tool ASO will offer you the most suitable keywords at their rates. You can also use options such as the free ASO tool for keywords.

  • Application Name

    Application Store Optimization is a technique that includes the use of the correct logo. Accordingly, it is expected that you have paid extra attention to the logo design of the application. Logo designs always attract attention in the mobile store. In fact, it will be useful to get support from experts in this field for logo design while constructing your application.

  • Subtitle Usage

    For the ASO Android system, the subtitle is as important as the main title. When creating subheadings, you need to pay attention to the average length. You will definitely need to pass your keyword in subheadings that can be 80 characters long. Subheadings consisting of short descriptions allow your application to attract attention.

  • Meta Description

    Among the Application Store Optimization techniques, the meta description also has an important place. This part is a very important part created to promote your application. You can promote your application using an average of 4,000 characters. You should also try to use keywords when promoting your application.

    The meta description is one of the first parts that mobile store users see in an application. Therefore, this part of the explanation should be made with care.

  • Application Images

    Among the Application Store Optimization techniques, there are promotional images selected for the application. Promotional images should contain general information about the application. In this way, mobile device users are provided to show interest in your application. When choosing images, you can use photos and videos that best describe your application.