The Most Trending Mobile Games

Trending mobile games lists are reorganized every year. The mobile game industry is also developing a little more every day. Today, there are many mobile game manufacturers. In addition, there are well-equipped people who are mobile game developers as freelancers.

In this list, we wanted to share today's examples of the most trending mobile games. You can also find examples of the best mobile games in this list.

The Most Trending Mobile Games List

The trending mobile games list includes the most popular games of the last period. At the same time, some of these games are also included in comprehensive lists such as the best mobile games. Most of the games we have given below are included in the free mobile games category. Here are the top 5 popular games on the trending mobile games list:

  • Crowd City

    Crowd Games is at the top of the list of trending mobile games. Crowd City is a hyper-casual game developed by Voodoo. In the game, you have to take steps to create a crowd in a city with simple graphics. Expanding the crowd and guiding it correctly are among the main objectives of the game.

    Crowd City is a game that can be downloaded for free from both Google Play and Apple Store. The game is also on the most played online mobile games lists of this year.

  • Among Us

    Among Us has been one of the most remarkable games of the last period. The game, which reaches large audiences all over the world, is also among the top trending mobile games. Developed by InnerSloth in 2015, Among Us has started to experience its golden age as of 2020.

    The game is a multiplayer game that can be played with 4 - 10 people. The aim of the game is to find the fraudulent player in the crowd in a short time.

  • Helix Jump

    Another game among trending mobile games is the hyper-casual game Helix Jump. Helix Jump is described as a game that is both simple and highly competitive. In this game with simple graphics, the screen must be turned from time to time to prevent the ball from falling.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    One of the first games that come to mind when it comes to the trending mobile games list is Minecraft. This game, which is among the best online mobile games, was first published in 2011. This game, which is similar to the PC version, has some shortcomings compared to the PC version. Still, Minecraft: Pocket Edition tops the best mobile games lists.

  • Fun Race 3D

    Fun Race 3D, which is among the trending mobile games, is also a hyper-casual game. Fun Race 3D, which is the sought-after game of trending mobile games lists, is quite fun despite being simple. This toy, which consists of a kind of parkour, is intended for the players to pass the obstacles. The game, which resembles a Survivor track, is number one in many countries today.

  • Hay Day

    Another game on the trending mobile games lists is the farm simulator Hay Day. Hay Day is one of the rare games that has managed to be among the best since 2012. In this mobile game, you are expected to fulfill various tasks as a farmworker. In this way, you can improve your farm by gaining both experience and gold.